Aware-Live Technology.. Be Live,  Be Real, Be Aware..Recognize who your customers are..Analyze traits, patterns, and behaviors..Engage with one-io-one targeted content..



Know Your Customers

Internet powerhouses such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon have all successfully tracked customer patterns, habits, and profiles to create true one-to-one marketing content push strategies. For brick-and-mortar retailers using digital signage and interactive self service solutions, such specific customer targeting capabilities have proven elusive.

The first step  in knowing your customers is to recognize who they are.  As with Internet audiences, a lot can be determined  about shoppers without having an actual identity.  Answers to questions such as how old they are, which gender or generation group they fall into are valuable data points that can be used to cater more intimately to their needs. 

Once enough details are collected about your audience, the ability to dynamically and efficiently analyze the data and provide information to make intelligent decisions is critical.  What are the set of data points collected, how are they related, and how do I use this information to provide a more personal touch with my solution? 

Having the right information about your customers now gives you the ability to interact with customers on a much granular and precise manner.  Imagine having the ability to exponentially increase the relevance and targeting effectiveness of your current digital signage and marketing campaigns by truly engaging with your audience.


What is Aware-Live?

The Aware-Live Technology suite is an advanced platform of technologies designed to allow store-front businesses direct access to live audience data streams and crucial customer data points through real time anonymous video analytics.

The array of products in the suite provides a comprehensive solution in customer recognition and behavior analysis. From identifying customer age and gender to tracking their browsing activities and shopping session, Aware-Live introduces a new intelligent approach to targeting highly relevant content and analyzing customer use patterns.

For businesses to truly know their customers, their solution needs to Be Live, Be Real, Be Aware.




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